Be very carefull about run


Be very carefull about running sound from a sound system into the camera, you can very easily blow out the line in amp on your camera and make it useless. With that said, there are a couple of options to use to get the sound from the board to your camera. Option 1 is to buy a beachtek xlr audio box. It plugs into your camera and accepts XLR output from the sound board. It also has level controls to make sure you’re not coming in too hot. Option 2 is to buy a wireless mic that you can plug right into the camera and wear during the service, that should sound very good. Your church might even have a wireless system that they aren’t useing and could bypass the soundboard and go directly into your camera. Final option is to not worry about the audio going into your camera, and either buy a mini disc player or plug your computer into the sound board to record the sound. You can always sync the audio up during editing. Hope that helps, anyone else have other ideas??


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