Be careful with copyright


Be careful with copyright matieral. Its always a risk and being caught could be a rather unpleasant experience.

These days its just plain silly to do that. They are lots of options.

1. Use royalty free music (forget the days of cheese, its rather good now!)

2. Use sofware to create your own. Take your pic, Logic, Reason, Fuirty Loops, Soundtrack, Garageband – all very good.

3. Use a composer – they may composer free for you to begin with, or maybe they have something suitable, maybe they will scratch your back if your help them out

There are so many options open to you. Just look around. Try searching for royalty free music or production music. Many libraries such as ours do offer some free music downloads. Also our prices are rather reasonable, also 100% legal music.

Quality does not always cost an arm and a leg. Hope this helps.

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