bbtr, like me you have


bbtr, like me you have reasons for owning a 60D and wanting to do video with one. The previous comments in this thread offer opinions on what not to do but I don't see much that helps you. I too own a camcorder for serious video work but from time to time doing video with the 60D is necessary or desirable. My comments from my experiences:


As has been covered in other Videomaker tutorials, go for fast glass. I have the L series lenses and they do a good job. Both are zooms, 17-40 and 70-200. I have a third non L series lens that fills the gap between these two. Zooms provide great versatility but at a small cost in light.


Note that the 60D does not autofocus in video mode. You need to do that manually, and if you need to zoom when recording then you'll have to pull focus too. A follow focus setup will aid that.


For stability either work on a tripod or use a shoulder rig. I use both.


A larger external monitor is helpful. Wish I had one to aid in focusing better.


And lastly add a reasonable external mic, preferably a shotgun. I have an Azden stereo mic and a Sony mono shotgun that provide good results.

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