Basically: Stereo is two d



Stereo is two different sounds eminating from two seperate channels.

Mono is the same soundeminating from two seperate channels…or one channel.

For a future reference, it is ok to record mono on two channels if you’re only using one mic, but if you are using2 mics,It may be in your best interestto make sure that each mic is only recording to it’s own channel (mic 1 – left channel / mic 2 – right channel)and then mix it how you want in post…(ie. copy left to right and vice versa as well as adding other microphone recordings from other cameras or sourcesto the channels you want in order to create the desired stereophic.)

Also, you’ll need an adapter to use 2 mics…this adapter will allow you to control the whichmic gets recorded to which cahnnel….

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