basically, it’s a carolina


basically, it’s a carolina carport, 22 x 26 x 12. i’m ordering it for the roof and sides to be 26 gauge steel, i ordered the upgraded 12 gauge frame and extra bracing. those things are strong as hell. this cost me 3200. then i’ll build the front and back out of hardyboard and studs, put a large door and a window in the front of the unit. window will be for ac. i’m putting in a plywood floor. this will cost about 2500. then i’m going to spray foam insulation about an inch thick on the insides for another 900, and put drywall on the ends to act as cooling storage. once i get the drywall good and cool, it will help keep the unit cool when i turn off the ac to film. so the end product will be insulated and sealed tight. i’m in florida, where it’s darn humid, and i’ll run a dehumdifier inside. i run one in the house and they work great.

finally, outside i’m putting misters which keeps the outside area temp down (i’m a hobby horticulturalist with tons of equipment – evaporative area cooling works). it’s also under my giant oaks, so sun won’t be an issue. i’ll have 7k in the whole thing, which ain’t bad.

of course, this leaves little choice except to use cool florescent lighting. i’ve already got the software, computers, cameras, though i may buy another camera. for 2k you can get a lot of camera these days, at least for what i’m able to do with it.

i’m starting this in the next week or so. the permit is in progress now.

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