BarefootMedia Wrote:That d


BarefootMedia Wrote:

That does look like an easy way to do a tracking dolly. And if you want it to curve, just use curved track. But I do have a comment about the raising one end to move the camera down the track. Don’t do it. Your shot will be slightly tilted & it will be hard to stop it at the end. An easier method is it run a piece of string from the flat cars down the track and off the end. Then attach a small weight to the string. When you releae the weight, it will pul the camera in exactly the same way gravity does, i.e. slowly accelerating along the path. If you want to get fancy, You can attach the string to an extension on the string side, then when the extension goes past the end of the track, the weight will not be pulling it sideways any longer, it will be hangin straight down and the camera/train will stop.

Have fun!

All good info, but all I did was one 3sec clip at a time, it took 3 weeks. I moved the trucks, and cam at the same time. take a look and let me know if you like it.

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