bai Wrote:thanks. that’s


bai Wrote:

thanks. that’s exactly what i was asking about. i haven’t actually started playing around with it yet, but is syncing the video and audio difficult? I haven’t quite figured out how to do this yet.

Actually it can be kind of tricky. I just did a two-camera shoot of a high school play about 4 months ago. I pretty much did what I explained earlier and in syncing the two clips together, I went down and used the audio tracks of both camera clips and observed the digital wave signals. If you shot the same event at the same time, the audio signal should be very similar if not exact. Just the volume might be different. You first want to zoom out the timeline a bit so that you can see and match the wave patterns up between the clips. Observe the spacing and so fourth. Of course you just slide one of the clips right or left in attempting to line them up. Once you see that they are somewhat looking the same then you just start zooming in (stretching) the timeline to start fine-tuning the match. Once you think you’re real close you would mute one of the audio lines (lets say from cam 1) and see if the other audio line from (from cam 2) matches up with the video of (cam 1). There you will see if the audio is matches the visual. Youll know if youre off because it will look like an old Japanese movie. By super zooming into the timeline you should be able to get it with in a frame of being dead nuts.

Once you have it, just make sure you dont slide any of the camera clips and youll be all set. This of course is when undo comes in handy! X-D

Of course a stupid clapboard would be the real way to go but who wants to haul one of those around. πŸ˜€


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