bai Wrote:Quick question f


bai Wrote:

Quick question for anyone. I have two cams of one event and I want to do switching from one cam to the other when editing the video. Will this produce a third file or will the changes be saved onto one of the previous files? Pretty much, im trying to say is will I end up with two or three files?

Im not real sure what you mean but maybe this will help. You said you have a 2-camera video of the same event. Im going to assume that you have captured 2 separate DV-AVI files (one from each camera.) These are called Source Files. Adobe Premier Pro cannot change or alter that source file. After you import or capture this AVI source file, PP will borrow or copy the contents of them based on what you tell it to borrow when editing that AVI clip on a timeline. In the case of a two-camera edit, you would probably put camera 1s clip on the first timeline and camera 2s clip on the next line. Then you would need to sync these up so that the timing is right. You would also need to address the audio too. Then its just a mater of editing these two timelines together back and fourth by j-cut editing to get your final edited 2-camera clip.

Once youre done with that you will need to render that out and then encode or export to either another AVI (or other format) movie file. It is at this time that another file will be generated thus giving you a third file, which is your 2-camera edited version. Your original Source Files are still intact and untouched and just as they were when you captured them.


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