bai Wrote:As a future refe


bai Wrote:

As a future reference, is there any way I can change the size of my video so everything would fit into the action safe zone?

Also, why is the action zone a different size then the title zone? If everything will fit in the action zone, why wouldn’t my menus fit in the action zone too?

To answer your first question not really. You just need to keep in mind that video images along the outside edges might not fit on a TV so you need to allow extra room.

The second question is simple. The video images located near the action zone boarders I would consider useless fill sort-of-speak. In other words it fills the space along the edges but don’t count on every TV showing the same amount of video space around the edges of you production. The title safe zone guarantees that it will be seen on EVERY TV. I guess to address your concern on seeing everything on a TV you would want what ever you wanted to show up inside that title safe zone. Some cameras have guides built in their viewfinders which kind of helps.


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