back2level9 Wrote:And i ha


back2level9 Wrote:

And i havnt picked out a editing software yet. Whats the best one?
And i want to go to school for editing/filming so name me the best i dont care if its hard to use or not πŸ˜€

It all depends on what operating system you’re running. If you are running a MAC, I would go with Final Cut Pro (FCP). But if you are running Windows XP however, you have many options. (IMO) I would lean towards Adobe Premier Pro. I used the term (IMO) because I’m sure there will be others speaking their mind too. PP does offer a ton of flexibility and is very versatile and stable. It probably has the most power unless you’re looking at Avid. I am told however that Avid is the hardest one to learn.

The best path I could offer you is to download the free trial versions out there. Just about all of the NLE apps have free downloadable trials from their websites that you can use for like 30 days or so. Then you can make a final decision.


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