back when folks offlined f

AvatarGrinner Hester

back when folks offlined first, logs were the norm. Now, man we just edit shows and can’t waste time with something we can’t use. We edit reality, no matter what we are making, much of the time. For me, this means requiring a shot that wasn’t a shot at all sometimes just to stitch the story together. A swish pan slowed down, a cut away you would have not logged… ect. My tapes are an hour long each. For this reason, most of my raw clips are as well.

Asiistant editors use to capture, log, make notes, ect. (maybe even a rough cut)Now that’s just a waste of budget more often than not. It’shandy to have 8 hours of footage waiting for you in the moring without having to capture but I never needed their notes or descriptions or a timeline I delete. I need to watchthe footageso I can edit the show. More and more we shoot what we edit anyway. The rough cut is in our heads then.

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