B2V Wrote:I know this is a


B2V Wrote:

I know this is a very debatable question but I just want to know straight up……What brand and speed of DVD-R is the best for video recording?

You’re probably not going to get a lot of takers on this topic because DVD media brands and reliability is a very subjective issue. Everyone will have their there own opinion.

Case in point, the poster above me mentioned that they use Memorex and has never made a coaster. For me on the other hand they are nothing but problems and I will never use them again. Instead I went to Verbatim and Philips and “I” have never had a coaster. Everyone will have their own story.

It all comes down to preferences, configurations and hardware which adds up to a lot of different variables. Youre probably better off doing a Google search to see if you can find some kind of scientific study or a bench-test study on all of the various medias out there.


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