Azukre it is not possible to


Azukre it is not possible to burn HD video to DVD, except as an AVCHD disc which is only readable in Blu-Ray players.

But if you want a DVD that is going to be able to play on any DVD or Blu-Ray player your maximum resolution will be 720 X 480 (NTSC disc, 720 X 576 PAL) Progressive Scan video. And DVD’s can handle both 24fps and 30fps.

As for true HD video, my simplest piece of advice would be to offer them a H.264-MP4 file (I would recommend if you have a list of different sizes, go for an Apple TV 1080p selection, as the Apple settings seem to be the “generic” settings that will work everywhere) on a USB Key. Many TV’s and even DVD/Blu-Ray players have USB ports nowadays that people can plug the USB Key in and play, or even copy the video to their computer and from their to their iPad, iPod or phone and play it from those devices. Another option is to put a Master HD file, in uncompressed AVI or MOV on a Hard drive, and then include a H.264 copy on the same hard drive.

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