Awesome tips Daniel! Thanks!


Awesome tips Daniel! Thanks!


And thanks for the compliment regarding the work that I've done. There more stuff that I'm trying to get a release to post, most of which is more AE work (Web ads for Extreme Reach, and T-Mobile). 


I've never managed to have any luck with any of the "freelancing" sites. The problem with them is that they are flooded with people and studios from india, who undercut everyone else, a give people a false sense of low value for what we do. It's infuriating to say the least. 


I've never looked at behance, so I'll definitely check that out. I've heard of both Motionographer and Studio Daily before, but had no idea they had job boards, so I will definitely check those out. I'll also get myself registered with the AAF, and see where that goes. 


I may not be the cheapest person in town, but I feel that my experience in this industry justifies my price for post work. I'd charge less for straight video work (shooting mostly) as I'm less experienced with that. I have most of my own gear that I've slowly been building up, but will likely have to rent some lights if I do manage to get a video gig (but that's not an issue). 


I realize that in order to get some more video work, I need a cinematography reel, but I'm honestly at a loss for what types of things to shoot to build it up. Are there any suggestions you might have that require minimal to no crew to accomplish, but look fantastic? I've been building a list of reels to use as reference, which I would be happy to post. 


I've had most of my clients come back for more work (as well as my clients clients approach me directly), so word is getting out, albiet a bit slower than I would like. What are some effective marketing techniques other than straight networking, that you have found that worked?


I realize this is a lot of help to ask for, but I plan on sticking around these boards for quite a while, and will happily help coach people with the things I have learned in my experiences. 


Thanks again for your time to answer my questions!





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