Awesome, a lavalier mic, s


Awesome, a lavalier mic, shotgun mic, and 8″ portable LCD screen are my next things I’m looking out for. The videos I decided to work on first were ones I could do inside that were short and simple. It won’t be long though before a majority of the filming will have to either be done outside or at a friends garage. My dad did have a cheap clip on mic that I tried using while filming myself for an intro for a suspension video but when I played it back I had no audio at all. The small LCD screen (like what they make for cars now) was also going to be for the videos were I may be more than 5 or 10 ft from the camera because I can’t see when I’ve moved out of shot.

lol, the bubbles in the tech video were becuase I said “the yellow vacuum line” instead of “the white vacuum line”, they were put in using youtube’s editor and I planned to make the correction and take them out the next time I updated the video. If those are good to have though I’ll structure something more deliberate in the future although my current editor (Pinnacle Studio 8) doesn’t make it easy for me to add them.

I’ll see what I can do about the rest, the editor is a pain to work with in it’s over simplicity. When I try to cut out a scene to put in a still image or another section of video I have to lock and then unlock the audio then sometimes the audio gets out of sync with the video, other times it will still be in sync but the wave form will be out of place so then I have to list through the audio for my editing instead of looking where the wave form goes dead.

I just found the manual online for my camcorder (bought as a return unit and the manual was missing) and found were the button was for the manual settings, lol. I thought I was missing something. Played with the exposure and lighting settings then filmed a few minuets. The difference was night and day!!

Thanks very much, I’ll definatly be tweaking some things for the next few videos and might even reshoot the first two since they are short.

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