.avi & .mov in simple


.avi & .mov in simple terms is generally considered DVD quality, but that really depends on a multitude of factors regarding what compression is finally applied. QT gives options for CD quality 15 frame, High Quality, web and/or H.264, etc.

Your best playback quality, regardless of the size of the final output WILL be larger, in most instances MUCH larger than any of the more compressed formats.

For web, e-mail, whatever, and for iPod, iPhone, other programs, as well as for projects that are de-interlaced, rendered progressive and converted to flash for web playback (among the many and several options for web related use) H.264 aka mpeg4 is considered to be much more sophisticated and less lossy than some other choices. It is a widely accepted and conventionally applied format that offers smaller files but remains of a better quality than many others.

Beauty is in the mind of the beholder. If I am not worried about download time, playback stuttering or choking whatever web related playback forum is in the equation then I will go with DVD quality. And, I will go with DVD quality if I am going to deliver on DVD – to heck with file size so long as it fits the blank I am using to record and deliver.

Otherwise, I usually apply some setup with H.264. With many in the business this is a subjective argument, as visual quality again, is in the eye of the beholder – numbers, ratios whatever other methods of measure are utilized to evaluate the final output are all numbers that certainly should be considered, but I have gone strictly by the numbers and not been satisfied with the end results in the “eyeballing” of it. So, I adjust whatever I can (I am NOT a Technogeek and do NOT profess to be totally adept at understanding the many and various differences, nor can I further explain them in technolanguage) until something occurs that pleases me visually.

I accept whatever numbers, compression-wise, it takes to get the applied purpose and visual playback I personally like and can accept. For everything else…whatever.

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