AVCHD is a highly compress


AVCHD is a highly compressed LGOP (Long Group Of Pictures)format. An explanation that was given to me by a Panasonic Tech at a video equipment show last year ran like this.

The format uses frame 1 as master. Frames 2-15 aredata onlyof the differences from them to frame 1 master. Frame 16 becomes a new frame 1 master for the next group, and so on.

He further explained that 60 seconds of a sunset with a fixed position camera would be a much smaller file than 60 seconds of a busy intersection because of the massive data difference between the two scenes. This makes AVCHD a very processor/memoryintensive format to natively edit.

With that said, any converting or trans-coding of AVCHD creates a file 7-14 times larger than the originalbased on the transfer codec chosen. Depending on your computer system thiscan take some time and major storage space.

That explains a little about why your converting takes so long and creates suchlarge files. I am not a Mac user but I understand FCP wants to work with ProRes (422) format rather easily so you mightwant to look in that direction for a trans-code program. There are many Mac users here that might have input on which to use.

I am sure that if any information here is in error, others will contribute to correct it.

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