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The ‘Light It Right’ DVD is an excellent reference and I highly recommend it. In the meantime, your immediate choices are to use window tint that simulates Neutral Densities of 2-4 or using black nylon mesh window screening (the type that keeps bugs out.) Depending on where you are you can find the window tint in automotive parts stores or in the automotive section of large chain stores like Wal-Mart, etc. The screens can be found in hardware stores or similar departments of large chain stores.

The cool thing about these two solutions is you don’t have to permanently attach them to anything. With the window tint I strongly suggest you don’t! Most tints are just plastic film you can peel off a paper backing that have an adhesive that is water-based. Long as you don’t get it wet, you can use clear tape to temporarily put it over the window. Unless the backing is clear, you will want to remove it so you can see through the film. The trick is to not have the tint so dark that it doesn’t look natural.

The nylon mesh screen works in a similar manner as it will block a certain portion of the light coming through. To make the screen ‘darker’ you have to use additional layers. The tricky parts with screens are you have a similar problem with tint as at a certain point you can make it look unnatural. The other concern is you have to attach or place the screens outside of the window. If you’re shooting in a high-rise that could be an issue.

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