Audio not synched with vid


Audio not synched with video upon export in Ultra cs3 or Ultra 2 ???

Audio and video out of synchronization – solved, but would like some help!

On my laptop the audio and video are out of synchronization, but not on my laptop.
So for my laptop, here is what I did, as I cannot figure out my wrong settings on my laptop.

(1) Export only the video portion in Premiere to Ultra, and then bring back this video after ultra into premiere, and use with the original audio track.
(2) For those who cannot follow this, there is a second way to achieve the same results, but a little more cumbersome:
Keep the before ultra audio on Premiere. (Audio track1)
Import the after ultra avi (that had both video and audio) into Premiere.(video track 2 and audio track2.)
Eliminate the audio (that was on audio track2 in Premiere) from Ultra.
Now video track2-after ultra is synchronized with original audio- on track 1 in Premiere.
Now export video track 2 with audio track 1 as an avi file that has synchronized audio and video.

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