Audio is digital recorded as


Audio is digital recorded as a singal, so if your levels are really low on the raw footage, that means the level that came in from the microphone is either


A). actually that low, in that case you need to either adjust the mode the shotgun is in, or if you are using a XLR to Minijack adapter, you may need another minijack adapter. Also if your camera has preamplifiers, it may be lowering the signal due to excessive noise around you, in this case you need to isolate your target sound more by directing the shotgun more towards the ground, while position over your subject.


B.) the Shotgun is producing a good level signal, but in the recording the process the Camera is dropping the signal to low levels, to test if this is true you need to record with aanother microphone

in the same enviroment that is a shotgun without changing any camera settings. if it is the camera lowering your signal then you made need to change the cameras preamplifier settings or audio settings so that it doesnt lower the signal due to excessive noise around you, and then isolate your target more by position the angle of shotgun from above the subject.



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