At work we use DPS Velocit


At work we use DPS Velocity (which is horribly expensive but sucks) and Premiere. At home I personally own copies of Premiere, Avid Xpress, and Final Cut Pro. I have used them all and have to say premiere has probably the best balance of features and usibility. Unfortunatly it has the downside of curently being windose only. (rumor is that the video collection will mark its return on the Mac in its next release) I am worried about Adobe though I was used to Adobe products being rock solid stable (besides Premiere 6.0 and previous ver) With the release of After Effects 7 I am not sure anymore. AE7 crashes like crazy. I use it 8+ hours a day at work and am plagued by C++ runtime errors. Ever since we upgraded at work everyone has had this same problem and adobe has yet to release a patch. I hope that Premiere does not have this problem but dont know because I havent used the latest release as I have not upgraded yet at home and rarely use it at work because I am primarily a motion graphics guy and create all of my promo spots in After Effects.

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