At work I use Velocity Q a


At work I use Velocity Q and at home I use both Premiere and Final Cut Pro. On occasion just to stay familiar I will use Avid Xpress DV. I enjoy using all of the above but they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Velocity is buggy sometimes and crashes at the worst possible time which shouldn’t happen with a $10k+ software/hardware package. Premiere is great but lacks in a few areas which I think were fixed in its latest release. (haven’t sprung for the upgrade yet) Final Cut is great but I only have a mac mini and it is slow for FCP and FCP’s color corrector sucks compared to Premiere’s or Avid’s. Avid is also cool but awkward to use at times the color corrector is the best out of those listed here. In my opinion all editing software is the same. As long as it has slip editing, a 3 way color corrector, a razor tool, and dissolves I am happy. Also an Avid DS Nitris system can cost upwards of $147,000 without a computer and storage. While FCP has caused Avid to lose much of its market share in key areas; most of the films and many of the television shows you see today ARE edited on an Avid system at some point in the post process. And the advantage of using any avid system is the bottom of the line Avid Xpress DV looks much like the top of the line Media Composer, Symphony, etc..

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