At the risk of this topic


At the risk of this topic being “stale”, I’ve owned/used an XHA1s for about 8 years and started with Cineform “capture” and codec technology which is not embedded in Adobe CS “Premiere Pro” until just before Cineform was swallowed up by GoPro.

You might be able to capture with a Mac and FW->USB, but even with a Mac, you’d likely be money/time/frustration ahead by interfacing to the “Thunderbolt” port with a small FW->Apple plug from BestBuy, et al. In fact, I use such a converter to record audio on the Mac with ProTools 12.x from a Digidesign 003+ rack (outdated Avid hardware).

This very day I’m considering REPLACEMENT of the XHA1s because the longer I use it the less reliable the playback is and tape is getting harder and harder to find.

PM me to commiserate. I have several videos on-line/public with XHA1s of pianist with 4 mics feeding the XHA1s via the Digidesign 003+. They’re not broadcast quality, but adequately serve for amateur musicians!

San Antonio, TX

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