At the risk of being overly


At the risk of being overly generic, here are some things that I do for weddings: For ceremonies, shoot two cameras on tripods. Keep one locked down at all times so you always have a good shot to edit to. Let them run as long as possible. Every start and pause is an editing hassle. Two camera operators are better than one. If you only have one, set up one wide shot and one close up so you can switch between the two and manage them easily.


Unless you are really comfortable shooting HDSLR video I would avoid using DSLRs for events. Video cameras shoot video really well. Event video is NOT production video. HDSLRs are great for one shot at a time production but it takes a skilled hand and a lot of experience to use them for events. You CAN get some great stuff but you really need to be comfortable using them.


For generic 'event' videography, you really should have two cameras if you are trying to record all the action. One camera is fine for a highlight video or a news story. If you plan to cut and entire event together like you were there live, you need two cameras. Three would be even better. A couple of medium to high end consumer camcorders might do the trick at your budget.

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