At the end of last year wh


At the end of last year when I was looking for media printers I checked and found the usual RImage and Primera companies pushing their $1500 printers. These are fine for people who are printing thousands of CD/DVDs and would like to step up to automation and don’t mind purchasing all their ink supplies from the original manufacturer.

I have wanted to get a CD printer for a while, and it seemed like Epson was the only game in town for a sub $500 CD printer. I had been looking for a Hewlett Packard brand because I have a bunch of HP inks for other printers. I did see one by something called Verity Systems in England for about $1100. And for the short metal cover which allows you to print on miniCD it’s an extra $130 charge.

I was very surprised to see HP has come out with a very inexpensive CD photo printer, with a price range of about $89. It seemed to have been put out with no fanfare in November of 2006 or so, called the D5160. It’s like they didn’t WANT anyone to know they are now printing on CD/DVDs. I stumbled across it while looking for HP inks at a neighborhood store. Sadly a lot of COMP USAs are closing, and I snagged one there for about $62 before taxes. The marketing for these claim photo printing, CD printing, miniCD printing, and a pretty wide range of benefits/features.

I have printed some really good glossy documents. Media printing is a bit fussy, but for a $60 pricetag, I don’t mind fussing a bit to get the media tray working. Its tray holds both full sized and 8cm disks. I can’t get the rectangular CDs or hockey rink ones to align properly, as there is no adapter for business card sized media.

I see printer prices going down; but with the cost of a single 19mL HP 56 black ink cartridge selling for $19, I wonder why the complaints are still about the prices of milk and gasoline. At that price I calculate the price per gallon of black ink, for 19mL, to be $71,922.82 !!!

1mL = 0.000264172051 Gal
1mL/0.000264172051Gal*19mL = 71922.82

I do think it’s important to be price conscious about your printer purchase, but the unspoken costs are ink and media used to print.

I ran across an interesting article/news section from a company which primarily sells media. I would caution you that they are in the business of selling product, so beware that the end of each story has a link to products they sell, but the information contained in these stories is pretty concise and important for printing on media. It’s varied information, but seems like the inkjet companies are beginning to tackle the smaller problems, like what happens when water runs across your disc. They seemed to have solved the main problems, so now they are reaching for niche markets, it looks like.

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