At that price range, one i


At that price range, one is probably just about as good as another. Everybody will have a favorite, and a lot of people will ring out on the one they particularly like, or the one they’ve read the most good things about generally speaking.

You’re going to have to increase your budget to get anything more specific. There’s no replacing doing one’s own research, reading, hands-on testing and trying before buying. The price range you state makes most of these units available to you at one electronics or video center or another. Believe your eyes and ears, don’t let the salesperson sway you, or the loosely stated opinions you’ll receive here.

Also, a search for camera suggestions, or camera recommendations or best camera to buy, etc. will get you a boatload of information from others who have asked the same on Videomaker, and the responses received.

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Choosing the Right Lens: The Ultimate Guide

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