“… At some point soon, t


“… At some point soon, there will be no physical delivery mechanisms (DVD,
BD, etc…) but that all content will be viewable (and listenable)

I think that’s going to be a very dark day. At that point we will be back 100% to the old ‘have’s and have not’s’ model (meaning only those who can pay can play.) Bad as things you mention are in your home Tom, look on the bright side… you’re ahead of the curve in that you have a computer, software and internet access with some means to pay for it.

However, even when that ‘dark utopia’ descends upon us, there will still be a black market out there that will record stuff the old fashioned way by just setting a camera in front of a screen or siphoning off the feed to unauthorized users. By now, you would think that the big corps would have learned that the more control they seek, the less they actually have. By putting more restrictions on how content is distributed, they create more and more resourceful pirates. I mean now whole countries’ gross national products are fueled by online and digital piracy. WT…?

The more the big corps push to stop all this the more valuable they make the pirating enterprise. Now we have ‘institutionalized piracy.’ Messed up part is, the big corps already have factored in their potential losses to piracy, yet still keep raising prices on consumers to keep up their profit margins.

Hate to tell you, there are already no ‘sidelines’. You’re already in this. If you bought your stuff legit, you’ve succumbed to the corps. If you bought your stuff out of the back of a car, the pirates got your money. So unless you are able to ‘create’ your own programs, movies and tv shows from the ether, you’ll have to choose one or the other.

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