At my age, waiting one min


At my age, waiting one minute and 30 seconds to start doing something on my computer isn’t going to cramp my style. I have to chuckle sometimes when I read descriptive terms for ads about this, that or the other computer element or component or CPU, calling it “blazingly fast” and there’s no discernible (to me) difference in what I already get or do with my system. Also, benchmarks and clocked speeds and all that, hell, I’d rather get to work than spend my time trying to figure out if my system is slower than everybody else’s, or faster. When it drags its butt I know something isn’t doing right, but when it’s operating, I really couldn’t care less if it’s a second off. Render times, yeah, like Bruce, I want something that will do a project for me in the hour or less zone, and not all night like I used to experience with my Amiga Toaster Flyer. I do have to say, however, the power of that system and what I could do with the software from NewTek was often well worth the wait.

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