Asus laptops get pretty co


Asus laptops get pretty consistently high marks from editors.  With that said, one thing to look for is 1080 screen (for full HD playback at full resolution), something that neither of those choices has.

Also, I/O is important, as you won’t want to use the internal drive as your ‘scratch’ drive whenever possible.  Esata and USB 3.0 (and FW800… ish, but that isn’t an option on most laptops anymore) are fast enough to do real-time edits with an external disk/array.

I run Production Premium CS5 (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Soundbooth, Illustrator, Flash, etc.) on an i7 laptop with only 4 gigs of RAM (still waiting to upgrade) and it chews-through HD footage of different flavors without issue.

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