Assuming you are using a W


Assuming you are using a Windows machine – I added another video card to my machine and plugged the second monitor into it. Windows XP recognized it right away. (with the desktop showing, right click on a blank spot, select Properties, select Settings). I use the 2 screens with Adobe Premier and I just could not live without them. Also great for my other work.

Note – I tried this first on a cheap “e-Machines” box that had the video circuit on the motherboard. The additional video card disabled the motherboard video, so I still had one monitor. It would take a second additional card to make it work on that machine.

Note 2 – determine whether or not you have an available AGP slot on your motherboard. If you do not, then you have to buy a video card for a PCI slot.

Note 3 – the video card I bought also has a digital video output, so if I had a LCD monitor with a digital input, I could have 3 screens.

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