Assuming the “lines” aren’


Assuming the “lines” aren’t there when you view the video via your camera…

…what comes to my mind is one of two possibilities, not knowing fully how those “lines” actually LOOK to you.

Digital imaging in many cameras can create jagies over certain elements – curbs, flag poles, hard vertical/horizontal objects, roof lines of houses/buildings, etc. that appear to “crawl” as the camera moves along them. Or, in the conversion, if going from Interlaced to Progressive Scan, or back, however your conversion process is doing it, lines might be created, or in the event of interlaced, depending on what your “lines” look like, they could be the odd or even fields dropping out.

If playback from the camera is showing these lines then it is entirely possible that the camera circuitry is screwed up. If it were tape I’d suspect clogged or dirty recording heads. But…

These are the possible causes of which I am aware, but I have no suggestions as to how to avoid or fix them with your camera and FCE, or PC conversions. Somebody here will eventually pop on with more information.

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