Aspyrider Some more detail



Some more details for you

1. I import about 25 movies mostly music clips.

2. Put some titles on, and normalize the sound.

3. I click on File and go down to ‘Export File’

4. I choose AVI

5. Choose the directory on my computer.

6. Now the problem is that it does not export it as one long movie.

It comes out, as

Movie.AVI 4,174,860

Movie001.AVI 4,174,860

Movie002.AVI 4,174,860

There is a limit to size it will export.

Now if I burn those clips onto a CD.. there will be a short stop and start, between clips..

unfortunately because the way it cuts it.. it may cut it half way between a music clip….

so theres a short stop, between clips.

I have trim off the ends and starts of each clip.. so the stop / start is between actual music clips

so it’s not noticeable. Then I have find out what one I missed, and redo them as single music

clips… and add them later….

Lot of work.. why can’t I just export one video clip… so there is no stops and starts…



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