Asking what NLE software w


Asking what NLE software will best suit your needs is a bit subjective and also requires a bit more information, mainly, what are you intending to tape on? (i.e. mini dv, hdv, betacam….. a format would be helpful to know) Secondly, research the programs, try out the demo versions of these programs to see what you like. There are plenty of sites, forums etc. to help you get information about your production needs.

Now, since you asked, I like Sony’s Vegas. (not vegas studio, but the full version). Very stable, easy to learn and very powerful. Vegas 7 can edit HDV on the timeline. There are tons of 3rd party tools you can add to it to make the workflow faster. You don’t need a super powerful computer to run the program, but the faster the processor, the better the experience. You don’t need a mega video card as vegas uses the systems processor or processors to render.

But, don’t just go on my words here, there is a plethora of NLE’s out there.


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