Ashley – I have promoted


Ashley –

I have promoted several websites for royalty free assets many times in the past, as have other well established members.

You just sign on to the forums and the only thing you post is two messages toutng It begs the question “are you affiliated in any way with this website”?

If so, this type of message, known as astroturfing, is frowned upon and generally reflects the webiste in question in a very poor light as to its’ legitimacy. If not, please forgive my misunderstanding.

Please note, if you are trying to let others know of your website where they can purchase RF music we have no issue with that, only with what we have seen here many times in the past, where a poster pretends to be letting others think they “found” this resource instead of being up front about it being their own site.

Again, if I am am mistaken, I heartily apologize. If not, please refrain from posting like this again.

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