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Whenever you shoot in ‘colored’ light you have to do a standard white balance in white light prior to shooting. When you white balance in the colored light your telling the camera that this color of light is ‘white’ and the CCD chips will adjust by getting the colors as close to ‘normal’ as it can. Of course this will completely throw your colors off. When you white balance in white light you’ll establish normal color ranges so when the red lights come on, they’ll be red and everything else color wise will correspond. You’ll have to reexpose for the red light, but red will be ‘red’. Avoid using auto white balance like the plague unless you’re transitioning from indoors to outdoors or vice versa with a moving subject. If you are not transitioning from extreme lighting conditions while moving, there’s no reason why you can’t do a good manual white balance. Now, if you are purposely trying to distort the colors in a scene, white balancing off of a colored light is a practical quick solution (adjusting your color balance in camera is better if the option is available.) Also, ND filters only limit the amount of light coming in through the lens. The amount of influence they have on color correction wouldn’t help your situation at all.

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