As you ar a hobbyistmaybe


As you ar a hobbyistmaybe Jack is being a bit hard on you.

The most important thing for you to remember when you are videoing a wedding is that the important event of day is the wedding. Remember you are not the photographer, you are there to record ofthe events of the day, and not there tomake a Hollywood production. This dosen’t mean you can turn out an inferior product, it needs to tell the story of the day in a warm and happy way andbe of a professional standard.As the videographer you must be low profile on the day andfit around the happenings of the day, you are not the “director”.

So you must be well prepared which includes visiting the venues and the rehearsalif there is one, talk to the celebrant and MC if you can, to find out where people will beduring the variousparts of the weddingso that you can have camera angles etc in your head before you start. But stillbe prepared as things can change at the last minute, they usually do.

I havevideoed dozens of weddings and always remember what a bride once said to me when I asked what she would like in the video. ” I would like a video so that my children (to be) and I can look backat my wedding and see everyone enjoying themselves.”

So dollys, camera lights and anything obtrusive is out. And yes it is possible for one person to do a multi camera shoot. I usually have three cameras. One camera is set up on a tripod to take a reasonably wide view, from either a left or right quarter, started prior to the service or reception and let run. The A camera set up on a tripod with a fluid head, usually around the other quarter (remember the 180 rule) with a Manfrotto remote control arm which ensures smooth panning and zoom control. The third camera, I use a Canon HV20, which is the main B camera, hand held for close up shots such as exchanging rings, cutting the cake, throwing the flowers and the many other activities which you couldn’t possibly keep up with with a tripod.

To keep them all in sync, ensure that they are all recording audio. There are usually enough sound on all of them to easily allow syncing in post. I record the main audio on the A camera usually with radio microphones.

When the bride rings or sends you a card to thank you for their wonderful wedding video and ordersextra copies and says somthing like, “how did you manage to get so much when I hardly even saw you there”, you know you have done a good job.

Cheers Ian

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