As someone who is about to


As someone who is about to venture into the paid world of videography, I wonder day and night what to charge. I have quoted a few people lower than average just to gain the experience, and have the ability to put a reel together showing the different events I can and will do. I want to get my name out there and I think the more events I am exposed to during this self imposed “trial” period will go a long way into gaining more customers down the road and as I gain more confidence, my rates will begin to reflect that.

I am in the process of editing so many pieces I did for ZERO money, for nothing else than adding to my reel. Plus it gives me the practice to master Final Cut and try things out that I might not have taken the time to learn otherwise.

I want to be able to live off my earnings, but I also have to build up awareness, so I don’t want to come out of the gate and charge 3,500 for a Wedding, when I have yet to shoot one. I would rather go lower, and impress the couple, they get a deal and I have something I am proud of to show the next couple. As I do that and I experience what happens in the course of a wedding day, I can begin to make more effective quotes. The goal a year from now would be the ability to charge a minimum of $100 an hour for a local gig. And concentrate on other events than just weddings. But weddings introduce you to a lot of people that have other things going on, so I have no problem charging from the bottom and working up as skills, and economy improve.

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