As of Tuesday night, Sept. 25 No Go


As of 9:30 p.m. Pacific Time, Tuesday, Sept. 25, I, a former moderator with Plus Membership, have NOT been able to delete the entire post OR the initial SPAM post from a, well, SPAM post. I am currently ONLY able to remove any comments but NOT the original post. I cannot access to edit the original post.


And, intermittently (WHERE'S spell check, by the way?) I've been able/unable at the apparent whim of the system, to loggin. Then the next time, after attempting to loggin and participate and not being able to, attempting to loggout, then going elsewhere on the Internet highway and later coming back, find I am NOW logged in.


Another loyal and consistent contributor here, SergeantHero, is also very frustrated, saying on Twitter that the site is NOT as user friendly as once it was.


With the uncontrollable attacks from SPAMMERS with everything from clothing to sports equipment to conversion programs real or perceived, and no effective means for moderating them, and the moderation being half-ASKED to begin with,  this is making for some serious frustration, me thinks.


Earl Chessher

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