As much as it seems there


As much as it seems there should be a way, there isn’t. Your first idea of adjusting film speed to minimize flicker illustrates the essence of the problem. Assuming you can somehow work out turning 18fps 8mm into 30fps video, you still have the problem of exposure. One thing that can help is setting your camcorder shutter speed and iris manually, since on auto-exposure, the camcorder is dealing with no light half the time & bright light the other half. But like other responders, I have to tell you that a film chain is required.

There is no way around it. But a great deal matters on how the film is handled and how the film chain is adjusted. I have friends that are perfectly happy with the transfers done at the drug store. But I’m harder to please. If you have lots of film to transfer, you may want to tray out several vendors before picking one. I know I’m much happier going to a small production company, even though the cost isn’t even close to what drugstores charge. It just depends on how critical you are. Lots & lots of times, inexpensive is quite adequate.

Good luck with your production.

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