As most of you know, last


As most of you know, last night (Wed Oct 3, 2007) was the first official meeting of the new San Fernando Valley Liquid Users Group.

We had an attendance of 11 people. Not bad for a first session. I know that there are at least several more folks who would have liked to attend but could not for various reasons.

Many thanks to Brenda Bergin @ AVID for the door prizes!

For those of you who missed it, here is a quick recap.

We have formed a steering committee consisting of: Fred Ginsburg, Paul Mitton, PJ Severtson, and Skip Belyea to initially give the group some direction.

For the time being, Fred’s company will continue to administrate things (email, press releases, etc.) We will begin work on a blog or website for the group.

Everyone liked the idea of moving the meeting sites around from month to month. It would give us a chance to see what others are up to, and varies the commute. We are open to offers for someone to host next month’s meeting. Any takers???

There were two major debuts of new stuff. Paul Mitton unveiled his new Liquid training DVD, the "Liquid Powerhouse" which deals with more advanced topics than his original MindMeld set (which covers basics). New topics include 2D & 3D editors, Boris FX, Hollywood FX, chroma key, Title Deko Pro, color corrections, timewarp, and more. Visit

Fred Ginsburg and Nigel Hamley unveiled their new editing workstation, the VES/Delta 1000 — which is the first workstation completely designed from the ground up specifically to run AVID and Liquid. Truly and editor’s dream machine: fast, reliable, turn-key with all the software already installed & configured, complete with peripherals…. and able to completely restore the operating System Drive & Software Applications from its (patent pending) RED Disk kit. Visit

One of the things that was suggested is for all of the members (even those who missed the meeting) to send Fred a short email listing your skill levels, equipment resources, niche in the marketplace, etc. so that eventually we can distribute that info to the entire membership to facilitate local networking. Why give money to outsiders if we can keep it all within our "familiy"!

It also became apparent at our meeting that we will have to divide up sometimes in order to provide basic instruction & mentoring for users just getting started with Liquid. Many of the attendees were advanced users, but some were newbies. We do not want to alienate new users (myself included in that group!!!), nor do we want to bore the advanced users — so from time to time we need to schedule special sessions for the new users benefit. It would be great if the power-users would help in teaching the new users, so feel free to volunteer!

That’s it for now. I will send out more email as things develop, but just wanted to let everyone know what happened.

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