As Luis notes, there’s a b


As Luis notes, there’s a boatload of video business opportunities out there, you just have to pick a spot and get your feet wet. Actually, mentioning your interest in music video production, you wouldn’t have to go very far or search very hard to find some starving artists, musicians, garage or local bands that would snap up just about anything you have to offer. They range in pay from free to cheap, to below average because most of these guys are sinking every available dime and maxing out their credit cards on equipment, promotional materials (no, not your video … mostly CDs of their music, t-shirts and stuff) and gas to get from gig to gig. HOWEVER, the plus side to this is they can be very loyal and will often drag you along with them on road trips, providing you with some excellent opportunities to do some band on the road related documentaries. That could be cool and fun, while rubbing the rust off your old skills and shining up some new ones.

There’s probably NOT a true get rich quick scheme to working as an independent professional video services provider, but I suspect you’d get a lot of response by using whatever means available to get the word out to these bands who haven’t “made it” yet. Just go where they play, where they practice or hang out, and pass out your business cards. Work some deals in cash, trade or splits of the DVDs you create from their practice sessions, live gigs or road trips.

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