As I see it, there are two


As I see it, there are two reasons to choose the Platinum Edition. The number one reason would be you have to edit in HD. But I have no reason to edit HD. I don’t have an HDTV and no one I know does either. But more importantly, I’m not going to spend the dough to upgrade to the Blue-ray DVD recorder I need to send HD video into the HDTV I don’t have. And I don’t have clients that can actually utilize HD video. And I don’t see that changing for several years. My clients are not broadcasting my work, is is generally cablecast on the government cable channel or delivered for home playback on ordinary DVD’s into ordinary TV’s. Using HD at any point would create more problems than it’s worth.

Now the reason I’d like to get Vegas Platinum is for the color correction upgrade. I am frequently mixing video from different camera sources. When I work for the city, I’m mixing my VX2100 with their PD150 and a full size DVCAM camcorder. All of them are look great individually, but each camera has tiny differences in their pictures. So I will use the color correction tools to make the cameras match. Vegas Platinum has the color correction tools that Vegas Pro uses, so I’d have both greater control & easier adjustments. Now it’s nothing personal, but I don’t think you’ll be making color corrections for quite some time. You don’t really need to do anything Vegas Studio can’t handle when you’re only using one camera. And to be honest, I don’t have to have “better” tools. I can already do what needs to be donw with the software I already have.

Now the reason Vegas Platinum is more expensive is because it includes a bunch of NewBlueFX plug-ins for video effects, transitions and audio fine tuning. While it is very nice to have more options, good video comes from good shooting. Fixing it in post generally means you’re hoping to hide poor quality production with some kind of trick. And that almost never works. You can’t really fix poor video or audio, although sometimes you can make it a little less bad. You’re better off concentrating on getting it right while you’re shooting.

So I’d have to advise you to start out with Vegas Home Studio (and register with Sony.) I’ve found it to be more than adequate for several years. And when I can justify it, I’m planning to upgrade to Platinum through Sony. The upgrade will cost far less than buying it outright (but the total for buying Studio & upgrading it to Platinum is more than Platinum costs.) And splitting the cost over a year or two works better for my budget while my wife is going to school.

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