As I have just answered in


As I have just answered in other posts, with an HD Camcorder, you can record HD footage on either DV tapes or HDV tapes. Both will work just fine and not give you any problems, however apparently the HDV tapes will give you better protection against dropouts.

I would just stick with the DV tapes to save on costs, but you might want to consider HDV tapes when you have something important and special to record, such as a wedding, and you cannot risk having dropouts. Also, the more you use a tape, the more of a chance you have to develop dropouts. For that, I would suggest important stuff be recorded on brand new tapes.

Also, another note about tapes…..there are two types of lubrication systems used in the tapes……wet and dry. If I recall correctly, Sony uses the wet and everyone else uses the dry. I would suggest NOT mixing them, and it would be even better to get a brand and stick with a brand. If you use a wet tape, and then a dry tape, the tape could stick and get caught in the tape transport causing issues. ALWAYS use a tape cleaner if you ever have to switch between wet to dry!

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