As I have been editing and


As I have been editing and reviewing my video, I noticed that the 2 bad tapes out of 12 recorded that night were recorded and removed from the cameras minutes within each other. My husband had them together in his suit pants pocket together for a short time. He did walk and stand by a large speaker being used by the MC at the time. we have wondered if the speaker may have effected the tapes. Otherwise we are still dumbfounded by why the tapes pix elated. Maybe it was the head cleaner,but would the cameras record tapes 1 fine and then mess tapes 2 and 3 up an hour or more later? And at the same time? Lots of possibilities I guess, We have not had this ever happen before. Our footage is lost but we have at least the third camera angle to work with, Thanks for all the responses, you guys are great!

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