As gldnears said you can use


As gldnears said you can use a follow focus, if you are using a lens that will allow access,

you can also try using and external monitor with focus peaking look at the DP4 from or the zacuto evf or cineroid (there are others)  or if you are using a canon DSLR try magic lantern firmware hack. OR you could just get a viewfinder loupe and try and improve your manual skill.  In reality it will most likely come down to (1) are you getting paid? and (2) is the shot repeatable. 



If you geting paid and the shots NOT repeatable or major client then I would recomend you get a mid size external monitor with focus peaking and then fit a loupe over the top and use a follow focus I feel that it's the only way that you can reliably be sure of focus while in manual mode.

IMPORTANT NOTE even a basic package like that will cost $800


Just my thoughts ~ Peter



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