as for your question about


as for your question about switching to pc…i think 1000 bucks is very doable. if that was my budget i would either get a premade hp for 1000 and make a few mods or…and probably the smarter route…is to have a custom made comp at a local shop.

you should be able to get some very respectable specs for that amount of money. with that machine you should be able to take on some pretty seriouse projects with whatever software you choose. visa ve premier pro, vegas, or pinnical. with these three i would suggest premier. if you have any desire to be in the business, then i would recomend avid express pro. it can be had for 300 dollars with an educational discount and is considered the industry standard. that a FCP which is for mac (macs suck πŸ˜‰ )

hope that helped a little.

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