As for my graphic card,


As for my graphic card, unfortunately, that is out of my budget. In my current PC, the playbacks are painful I always have to export first, to see what I did and if that is the final work. So for example, I create a 2 minute film and export it to check, if that is what I want and then in the last 5 seconds of the film I realize that I made some mistake. So istead of checking this in a smooth playback, I have to spend sometimes half an hour to correct and export to check again. and this is something you usually have to do several times with a project. So, I would appreciate any improvement in playback for sure.

I will check the PCI slot thing, thanks for the tip.

As for not worrying about quantity of disks, I thought that the special tricks with 3 disks that many Adobe users recommend to speed up work, are a real deal (and that is partly why I wondered if there is any option with “only” 2 disks that could provide at least similar results).

Thank you for your valuable comments anyway, although I have to sincerely say that I am a bit confused now about what to do with my new SSD disk;)

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