As far as why stations pre


As far as why stations prefer High Definition (HD) video, the simple answer is because it’s better. It’s typically got 1080 lines of resolution, as opposed to a measly 720 on Standard Definition (SD) Pictures are sharper, and look better (so long as you know what you’re doing).

However, I would do more research fist into what format tape these stations want. Most HD camcorders still record onto a standard MiniDV cassette. If the issue is not accepting MiniDV tapes, then even a High Def camera might not be the final output solution.

One local news station here doesn’t take MiniDV tapes either. They want their footage either on BetaCAM or on the full-sized DV Tapes, so whenever I do freelance stuff for them, I need to convert my stuff. This is as simple as finding either a camcorder or a VCR in the acceptable formats, and dubbing the tape over.

Hope that helps.

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