as far as type of mics to


as far as type of mics to use that totaly depends on the room. if feedback is not a issue, such as the room is med to large and the walls are soft and has accustal treatment to go with a Dynamic Cardioid mic such as the EC RE20 a SuperCardioid such as the EV ND967 I love EV mics in my honest opion they have the best sound before feedback. But if feedback is a issue then a tight pattern shotgun mic should be used with low gain. such as the rode NTG-1 you use a shotgun you will want to use it at low gain to reject everything off axes. now with this the speakers will not be able to move around much but this is the best bet for good audio in a place where feedback is a issue.

I would stay clear of lapels and area mics, they are ok for venues but not so much for recording.

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