As far as the extra contro


As far as the extra controls go, it’s really a matter of making my life easier from the tripod. I usually only have the right arm attached to the head (you’re very right, at a wedding, the left arm can get in the way sometimes, but sometimes it’s also useful). My zoom controls are on the right side of the camera, which means that if I want to do a gentle zoom while I’m panning, my left hand either has to zoom or pan. With the controller, I can zoom and pan all from one hand.

I think most of it is taste, and really, it comes down to how you were trained. When I first got into video, I started on big broadcast gear. I had the two armed tripod, zoom control on the right arm thumb toggle, focus control on the left arm thumb toggle. I got used to that setup, and I really liked the ease of it, so now that I have my own gear I want to emulate that setup as much as possible. Eventually I’ll probably buy a seperate focus controller for a left-arm setup, because really, it’s just insanely easy when you’ve got those extra controls.

Don’t get me wrong, I still believe wholeheartedly that a person should be able to master all the buttons on their camera "blind" before they start filming. Before and after the wedding we still have to run handheld, so you can’t just assume that the magic tripod controls will always be there for you. But the truth is that when I’m on the tripod, they make life so much easier.

By the way, I looked up the weight on those legs at another site, since B&H is down and out. You’re right, those legas are pretty heavy duty. I guess I looked at the picture without checking out the specs. Still, I’m not much into that particular style tripod. Again, it’s just a matter of preference. Just so long as the bogen 503 head is used, all will be well either way.

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